How to win a thousand followers on Instagram in a month: instagram likes free trial



To win a thousand followers on Instagram in a short amount of time, you need to know how to manage an account professionally.

This wisdom goes through a few key things that can basically be summed up in one word: strategy. Regardless of your business or niche market, Instagram will work for you within a certain standard.

That’s why it was possible to gather, around the strategic focus, a step-by-step approach to win your first significant number of followers.

Let’s assume here that you already know the importance of having the automation tool as a partner for your success on Instagram.

If you are still not convinced read more about it and then come back here to this text. Now, if you’ve heard of Bume, Instagram’s largest automation tool on the market, you’ve even tried a free trial or use the tool, we’ve started well.

The idea is to align your digital marketing strategy with Bume’s configuration, updating and monitoring processes. Since the platform has allowed almost 100% of its users a minimum growth of a thousand followers in the first month of use.

Are you interested in being part of this group that has seen your Instagram account take off? So, just follow the step by step below, always remembering to align your actions to a digital marketing strategy.

Instagram likes automatically:


Definition of the person

Before you even open Bume, you need to draw the full profile of your audience and become familiar with it. List your hobbies, habits, places you go to and especially, Instagram profiles that he follows and interacts with. Based on this information you can use your persona as a guide to start your Bume configuration.


To start, you need at least three profiles to reference. That’s why this step is very important, since they are the reference profiles that will dictate the success of your campaign. Bume will enter these profiles and interact with their followers.

That way, using competitor and business profiles related to yours is the most appropriate one in this case. After defining the reference profiles, Bume will follow and enjoy the photos of all the people who are followers of the profiles that you have determined.

Here are some tips to define these reference profiles:

Avoid too large profiles of very famous people (remember that you will need to target to find really interesting people for you)

Look for profiles with more than 5,000 and less than 100,000 followers.

Give preference to profiles that have more tanned and comments than yours.

Try to include at least 5 and at most 10 profiles.


Configuring Bume to win a thousand followers on Instagram

Having done the previous step, it is time to go to the Advanced Settings of the Bume, because they will make the difference in the final results. After all, we’re trying to optimize the use of the tool as much as possible to reach the goal of winning its first of many thousand followers.

Within the Bume, go into settings and make sure that the tanned items of engagement; Follow and Unfollow are triggered. With the “engagement tune” enabled Bume will enjoy photos of the profiles listed in your feed and increase the engagement of the account.

Already with “follow”, it follows the reference profiles listed by you in the Audience button. There you can target your audience also by gender, if your business is something specific for men or women. The option to stop following is also essential for the success of your profile, as it is only allowed by Instagram to follow approximately 7 thousand users.

Content to win a thousand followers on Instagram

With this initial setup well done it’s time to move on to your content strategy. After all, the automation of Bume will only bring feedback on followers if the content you post on your profile has some essential items to captivate network users.

Start with the design work. As Instagram is an extremely visual social network, the main content is the sharing of images, whether through photos, videos or gifs. Therefore, it is essential that you invest in the imagery aspect. Look for a rich visual identity. Imagine your page on Instagram as the reception of your company!

You need to invest in beautiful content, but that is in tune with your speech. In this aspect, the subtitles of the posts also count a lot. Also use hashtags to increase the reach of your posts. Another important tip is to be aware to keep a constancy of page refresh and a variation of themes to not get something dull and repetitive

Analyze and update (instagram likes booster)

With Bume set up and a timeline of postings and killer content planned it’s time to review and update. At least once a week it’s worth checking the Bume dashboard to check the progress of your account.

In addition, after a trial period the system gives you a return on the reference profiles chosen at the beginning. If they are showing a reasonable performance, good or bad, based on the number of followers he brought. It is worth excluding those profiles that are yielding below 5% and include new ones to ensure the expected followers return.

By doing this steady work, winning a thousand followers on Instagram will be easier than you think. But I assure you that you may be surprised. Many Bume customers reported reaching that number in just two weeks. That is, it only depends on your commitment, content strategy and the good use of what is the best automation tool for Instagram we know.

So did you leave 1K? Start the free trial on Bume and enjoy the results in the first 5 days.