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Instagram is a social network that grows daily. To get an idea of its rapid expansion in the last six months, the platform jumped from 800 million to the impressive 1 billion active users worldwide.

Have you ever imagined such visibility for your travel agency?

Only in Brazil are more than 50 million users. So if you have a business, no matter what the industry, you can not stay out of Instagram anymore.

For a travel agency, Instagram can be a great ally, because in it, you can thoroughly explore your destinations, package deals, create a network of followers through content of value and still have more interested their services. Who does not want to sell more, does not it?

Are you interested?

Want to know how to achieve this? In this post, we will list some important tips on how to use

Instagram to promote your agency!

How to promote your tourism agency on Instagram

Invest in hashtags

The main way to get a publication of interest is through the hashtags (#). To use them in your business, there are great options to explore:

use popular destination hashtags – users enjoy beautiful landscapes, natural beauties and new perspectives on postcards and find their posts by hashtag;
bet on popular terms related to your business such as tourism, travel agency, travel, wanderlust, plus the name of your agency and the destinations offered, correlating them in that way.

Use Stories

Telling stories is essential. And a good way to be seen daily on this social network is by Stories, an Instagram tool that has become a viral. In it, you can explore your agency’s day-to-day lives, highlight employees, show repeat customers, and produce specific content to engage even more people on your page.

Stimulate interaction

Through the publications in the feed and Stories, you can create polls, answer questions, or generate channels of direct communication with your followers. It is essential to create a sense of belonging to the public to captivate you and make you a new consumer. The ideal way to achieve this is by interacting.

Publish quality images and videos

Quality is everything on Instagram. If you want your company to have a good image and a strong position among competitors, you need to demonstrate that your agency knows how to do it well. Avoid poorly edited, pixilated images or very long videos, for example. Investing in quality is synonymous with return.

Increase your number of followers

In addition to betting on the above actions, it is essential to create a community around your business. For this, it takes volume, that is, the more followers engaged the better. For this, you can count on the services of Bume. In this process, having a good follow up and support is essential.

Well, by following these tips, you’ll be more prepared to promote your tourism agency on Instagram and improve your business. Do not forget that this is a process that requires intelligence and patience, but it can be facilitated.

If you liked the post and are already thinking about putting these steps into practice, contact us now! We are ready to listen and help. We have a specialized team and several services that will make your business stand out in Instagram!