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5 Simple Money Making Tips on Instagram

No matter which of the above you choose to follow, you will not make money automatically with them.

For example, it is not enough to post every day on the network to advertise a product or service without any kind of planning. You will not sell anything.

Here are some practical tips to get you on the right track and get you closer to success:

1. Look at a specific audience

It is no use trying to encompass the most diverse audiences and expect the results to happen. Success in any social network depends on much planning and perfect execution.

This involves targeting in a specific audience niche. Do not be too broad in content, create a persona and take it into account when creating all the content that will publish.

The more specific, the easier it will be to increase the number of followers and their engagement.

As a result, you will have greater chances of making money from any of the alternatives we have listed above.

2. Look for business opportunities in the right places.

Have you decided which of the 4 shapes shown here you want to follow? Great, now you need to look for ways to make it come true. But do it in the right places.

If you want to partner with companies to publish sponsored content, it’s no use advertising your posts on Instagram itself.

Create natural ways to get on the radar of companies in the industry, perhaps by tagging them on a post or interacting with your posts.

If you want to sell your photos, look for banks of reliable images and sign up for the most interesting ones.

Spending energy on the wrong channels only brings frustration and no income. Get away from that trap.

3. Follow the good practices of the network

Social networks are like clubs. You need to follow the rules of living to have the respect and trust of people. Some good Instagram practices are:

publish one to two times a day not to “steal” the followers with many publications;
create content that has visual appeal, that teaches or is inspirational;
do not just talk about yourself and your interests. Focus on the persona, always;
use hashtags to increase the reach of your posts and gain followers;
use Stories to reaffirm your brand and promote greater interactions with the public.
Why following such good practices is so important to your goals of monetizing Instagram?

Because they are the ones who create strong profiles that have the public’s confidence and, of course, allow you to make money.

4. Use an automation tool

A good automation tool for your profile can greatly speed up your results and exponentially increase your ability to make money.

A quality tool can serve to multiply your base of followers (with quality), promote a greater engagement with your content and open up several opportunities for business partnerships.

It may be that today you are not able to position yourself as a digital influencer or promote products (own or as affiliates).

Profile automation can change this scenario in much less time than it would take manually.

Bume is a complete automation option, which automatically performs several important tasks for the day-to-day profile of Instagram.

Among them, scheduling posts, interaction with content and even sending automatic direct messages.

5. Create and promote a unique hashtag

If you’re still starting, it’s no use using a unique hashtag, because it’s hardly going to be taken seriously.

But once you establish your own audience, be sure to create and promote a unique hashtag in all your posts.

This will be your exclusive brand on Instagram, and will serve to give a much greater sense of community to followers.

Soon, you will notice other people using the same hashtag to talk about subjects related to what you do, which will serve as validation of your work and increase your exposure.

Making money with Instagram is as difficult as any other enterprise in the digital world. But it does not have to be a seven-headed creature, nor does it depend on a gigantic audience. Just follow the right processes.

As you saw here, to have on Instagram a great source of income. Being seen is the first step to succeeding and making money with Instagram.

Did you like the tips on making money with Instagram? So start putting in practice by starting a free 5-day trial on Bume, an automation tool for Instagram.