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The best tools for Instagram

We’ve listed 4 trusted tools to help you with the mission of blazing your company profile on Instagram

One of the characteristics that differs a professional account from an amateur is the use of tools for Instagram. Today, the options are so diverse that it is essential to use at least one of them to succeed in the fastest growing Social Network in the world.

Searching for “Instagram Tools” on Google gives you a variety of options. However, it is important to know the best way to go. That is why we have selected the tools that best meet the demands of digital marketing professionals in contact with our blog. Check out:


Repost is one of the most popular tools for its function of complementing a utility that Instagram lacks, the possibility of posting content from third parties. Something that works like sharing Facebook.

With Repost it is possible to replicate the content clearly, with link and credits to the original content.

The use of Repost should be moderate, after all it is necessary to keep the originality of its contents. It is suitable for refueling at times when other people record something about your brand or share some identifying subject with your person.


To pump your profile on Instagram, automation systems are also indicated, which dialogue with the previous tools. In this case, we indicate Bume, an automation tool that helps in the management of your account, and has the ability to even program your posts in Instagram.

It allows the pursuit of followers in a segmented way. All to really find those Instagram users with true engagement potential.

Bume automates various features of your Instagram (such as follow, stop following, direct messages and enjoy, for example). They even offer a free 5 day trial and full support. This way you can confirm the effectiveness of the tool before signing.

Bume also has a Dashboard that makes it easy to track the evolution of your account in numbers of followers.

We believe that these four tools for Instagram represent everything you need to grow with your company’s Instagram. The use of them in line with a good strategy, are the way for the professional who is dedicated to marketing in social networks.

How about starting the professionalization of Instagram with the free test of Bume?


Following the line of the best and most famous tools for Instagram, we come to Boomerang. It is a native application of Instagram and this greatly facilitates its use. Use and abuse to create creative content.

The tool allows numerous combinations of montages with photos and images to mount small videos, gifs and make effects that make a direct connection with the way the general public uses social networks.


You may find it strange that Facebook is listed, but actually the older brother of Instagram can rather be used as a tool to help spread your profile on Instagram.

The tip here is to link your Facebook business account to Instagram and use Facebook’s Power Editor to make your ad campaigns. The publications promoted by it feed the two social networks, boosting their results.