Instagram likes gainer

You already know the importance of social networking to improve the sales of your business, do not you? But it has already crossed your mind how it is possible to increase the engagement in the

Instagram, specifically?

Engaging your audience is making you have an interest in what is being offered to them. Applying this is essential to generating a conviction that your product is the best solution for your prospects, so-called leads.

To show you how this works, in practice, and to help you succeed on Instagram, we’ve come up with some top tips on the subject. Follow the reading and check it out!

Create a visual identity

The profile on Instagram needs to follow a clear reasoning line of what your business’s intent is.

This makes it easy for followers to identify company goals and, of course, increase brand awareness on a particular subject.

Visual identity goes far beyond just filling in the profile photo, but developing a biography that catches your eye, being creative in your campaigns and exploring the trends of the niche you’re in.

The company’s culture will also have a strong influence on this aspect and can give authority to the brand.

Remember to put the hashtags

It’s one of the simplest ways to increase your organic reach in Instagram and improve engagement with network users, since, if well-used, hashtags provide good posting results. Their choice needs to be in line with what you sell and with the trends of the moment.

The TBT hashtag, for example, can be an excellent way to generate interaction with your followers and naturally boost your posts. To get along in this social network, you have to take advantage of the opportunities and keep an eye on the updates. After all, it is now possible to even follow a tag and thereby improve your sales.

Frequency pole

It’s not enough to just create a business profile on Instagram and not feed with content relevant to your audience. Depending on the branch of activity in which you work, followers yearn for the news. Always remember that old story that whoever is not seen ends up not being remembered.

It is crucial that you define what to post and when to do this, because periodicity counts a lot to stay alive in the minds of consumers. Observe the times when there are more interactions from your followers and develop creative publications to generate the visibility you expect.

Interact with your followers

One of the most important roles for those who decide to work with digital marketing on Instagram is to establish good communication with the people who follow it. This lets you quickly know what they are thinking about your company, marketed products and customer service.

To convert followers into customers you need to keep in mind that the relationship with them should be the best possible, even to understand which solutions they seek. Set aside time to enjoy other publications, view messages, and even use suggestions to improve your business.

Doing these interactions manually can be a lot of work. That’s why you need an automation tool to power your Instagram. We point out Bume, the largest automation tool on the market.

Make posts in stories

It is no secret that ephemeral content has won the sympathy of many people, not only on

Instagram, but on other social networks as well. This type of posting, which lasts only 24 hours, is an interesting way to increase engagement with your followers and maximize your sales strategies.

Stories can be used for a variety of purposes within a company’s content planning, such as submitting new products, making demos, creating polls, etc. Analyze the best times to post the photos and notice the reactions of your audience.

To close, be sure to always have a call to action on your posts, as this will direct your followers to the next step. Depending on what you post, it can be very important to generate more conversions.


What did you think of these engagement tips on Instagram? How about starting the free trial on Bume immediately?