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Instagram Photos: How to Post the Best and Have a Relevant Profile?

What do you put in your business’s Instagram represents what you offer? Do the photos communicate relevant to your audience what is interesting to them? Know that if you want your profile to grow and increase the reach of your brand you need to answer “yes” to the 2 previous questions.

To help you with this mission, we’ve prepared a quick guide to posting the best photos on Instagram!

How to post better photos on Instagram?

There is no right or wrong way to plan Instagram photos, since the quality of the profile is defined by the dedication surrounding those images. You need to be in touch with your creative vision and honor it with every click.

Choose places that are visually appealing to compose your photos. Try to find innovative angles that will amaze the followers. Also make sure that the lighting of this location is good, since it is not interesting to rely on the flash of the phone.

Take pictures with good composition: remember the rule of thirds and respect the horizon. Also, do not dispense with good image processing – which goes beyond Instagram settings: use other applications to retouch color, brightness, contrast, and other levels.

How to have a relevant profile in Instagram?

Posting in Instagram photos that can bring more relevance to the profile is fully possible, but it does not just depend on the quality of the posts. It is essential to hit other areas to ensure success. Here are some tips!

Change to a business profile

To gain access to new features, it is worth changing the profile for the business model. This is an option that exists in the application settings and must be enabled to give you access to effective ways to bring visibility to your content.

Analyze metrics

The engagement engagement metrics page is one of the features of the business profiles. With it, you can see which photos have been most successful – and therefore better – and start looking for patterns in those reactions.

Publish quality content

What defines quality? In the context of Instagram, it involves posting photos that reaffirm identity and cause positive reactions in the target audience.

For this, it is important to have a creative process based on innovation and creativity. Keep your ideas in constant evolution and always enjoy new references and sources of inspiration.

Use the right hashtags (instagram likes 4 likes)

When you publish Instagram quality photos, you need to have a visibility boost. The hashtags help a lot in this and can take the posts to special feeds seen by an audience that may not yet follow.

In this way, it is possible to reach other people and increase the relevance of the profile more and more.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories offers the opportunity to invest in more relaxed posts to bring you closer to the public. Try out all the resources at hand, like stickers, emojis, scribbles and filters. Also, try to showcase the work behind the scenes and the curiosities of the creative process.

Start now to publish on Instagram photos of more quality that are able to attract relevance to the profile. Take into account the tips of this post and structure a plan for success.

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