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How to make money with Instagram in 5 tips

The digital world changes so fast that any new social network, however promising, needs to be viewed with caution. But after 7 years and a billion dollar takeover by Facebook, it’s safe to say that Instagram is one of the top social networks.

In addition, the company’s moves on the market show that it wants to establish itself with even more force in the lives of users.

And as you well know, usually where there are people, there are business opportunities. This makes Instagram an incredible source of income for anyone who knows how to tap into that channel.

But how to make money with Instagram? That is the question that can generate great financial results for your strategy.

So, check out the ways to do this and learn how to succeed with 5 valuable tips!

The potential of Instagram as a digital market
If there is any doubt as to the potential of Instagram to be part of its strategy of Digital Marketing, see some numbers, according to the social network itself:

800 million active users every month, with 500 million users using the app every day;
80% of the accounts follow some company profile;
300 million accounts use Stories every day.
These numbers show that the network has two essential elements for an advantageous market: size and engagement. Making money is a possibility. As? That’s what we’ll see next.

4 Ways to Make Money on Instagram
There are several ways to make money on Instagram, which gives you the chance to choose how you feel most comfortable working.

Another option is to explore more of one approach in order to increase the potential of generating income.

Some choices require more work than others, but do not make your choice just based on the law of least effort. In the end, they all require time and smart work.

Here are the main ways you can profit from the network:

  1. Sponsored partnership
    The first option is to publish sponsored posts that promote products, services or initiatives of other companies and institutions.However, this is an exclusive opportunity for so-called digital influencers. That is, if you have a small base of followers or little engagement in your posts, this is not the best alternative for your case.On the other hand, if you have a few thousand followers and people really care about the content you publish, consider fondly working with brands in sponsored blogging campaigns.Typically, this type of partnership works quite simply: you post the post according to the company’s specifications (which may include a hashtag, link, or profile markup) and you receive it.
  2. Disclosure of products as an affiliate
    Another good opportunity to make money with Instagram is to become affiliate of companies whose products interest the public that follows you.So, you can make recommendations of these products, with your affiliate links, and earn commissions per sale made from them.In this case, the interesting thing is that you do not need such a large audience. Most importantly, your followers are highly engaged with the content you publish.The key here is to establish enough authority for followers to trust their directions and actually buy the recommended products.We, in Marketing in Social Networks, are affiliated with Bume, an automation tool and we have great results.
  3.  Own products or services
    Perhaps the most obvious choice, which will be chosen by most people, is to use Instagram just like most social networks: to cultivate a solid audience and sell their own products or services.No matter which market segment you’re in, it can impact the right people with quality content, and generate sales from it.In addition to organic publications, you can increase the reach of your message with the ads that the platform offers.If you sell products, a good option is to use the mall functionality available on Instagram itself.
  4. Selling photosEven if you do not have your own product or service, do not be a digital influencer and do not understand anything about affiliate marketing, you can still make money with Instagram. As?Selling your photos to banks of images. Visual content has never been so important to brands that wish to impact the public. This is one of the main reasons for Instagram’s success.Thus, quality images are essential in blogs, social networking strategies and graphic materials. A lot of people are willing to pay for quality images, in line with the content they produce.If you have the ability to compose cool pictures in your profile, you’ll probably be able to sell them in one or more of the hundreds of image banks that exist.